[rabbitmq-discuss] Node/Broker failover and recreating queues on another node

Matthew Dunn mrdunn at gmail.com
Mon Mar 1 22:27:45 GMT 2010


I have a use case where;

*It's OK for a few messages to be dropped when a broker goes down
*I need to load balance these messages
*Availability is more important than dropping the ocassional message
*I would prefer messages only be proccessed once.

As RabbitMQ doesn't currently support queue Migration I was thinking of
implementing the following

Multiple consumers listening to a single public queue.

If the broker hosting the public queue crashes or is unavailable. Each
consumer will connect to a new available broker and recreate the queue there
with the same name.

The question I have is, if I have created a public queue on a different
broker, when the crashed broker comes back online will there be a problem
with conflicting queues?

*Broker A with Queue A Crashes
*Consumers failover to Broker B
*A consumer recreates Queue A on Broker B
*Broker A is restored -- Will Broker A have problems starting because Queue
A has been recreated elsewhere?

Thanks for your time

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