[rabbitmq-discuss] General questions about HA, Stability/Reliability and Broker Administration

Dave Greggory davegreggory at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 28 14:21:57 BST 2010

Hi Miguel,

> For management, there's Alice:
> http://willcodeforfoo.com/2009/07/13/announcing-alice/

Wow, Alice looks pretty powerful. That's great, just what we were looking for. I don't think we want remote administration, just remote monitoring. So will need to figure out whether I want to use Alice or just the json output of Status plugin for monitoring. 

> However, I personally use a backup message storing system (PostgreSQL)
> and redeliver undelivered messages (my queues are not durable.)  This
> however makes for extra code.

Yep, we also plan to use a local data store at the producer end... Maybe Hsqldb or something like that. 

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