[rabbitmq-discuss] Slides from a RabbitMQ presentation

Howard Jones howie at thingy.com
Fri Jul 23 10:51:04 BST 2010

 On 23/07/2010 08:39, Darius Damalakas wrote:
> Thanks for sharind slides from my side too.
> I've got some new ideas, such as logging.
> And other ideas where expressed quite nicely, and now it willl be easier to
> explain to my friends what is messaging and how to eat it

The initial examples of a producer would perhaps be a little clearer
(and underline that the producer doesn't use a queue) if they weren't
also interleaved with consumer code. Maybe side-by-side
producer/consumer bits instead?

I guess this makes more sense with accompanying chat, but it makes
things less clear when just reading the slides.


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