[rabbitmq-discuss] Announcing: rabbitmq-proxyauth: A RabbitMQ Proxy Authentication patch/Plugin

Scott Brooks scott at beamdog.com
Thu Jul 22 05:11:26 BST 2010

TLDR: proof of concept patch to rabbitmq-server, plugin, and ruby
backend to authenticate users.

After discussing this a while ago about pluggable authentication
backends, I finally got around to implementing this.

At http://github.com/Blaze74/rabbit_proxyauth
I've got a readme up on github with a nice 23 step process to get
everything going :)

It includes a patch for RabbitMQ-server to adjust the failure
conditions in rabbit_access_control.erl to try to proxy the
request(through a new rabbit_access_control_proxy gen_server) before

It also includes a plugin that takes message from RabbitMQ, converts
them to JSON and sends them to the proxyauth exchange.

Then at
I've got a really simple back end that looks up the user in a YAML
file to see if they should be allowed access.

This is my first pass over this, and any comments or suggestions are welcome.

Scott Brooks

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