[rabbitmq-discuss] building bug21673 with erlang R13B4

tsuraan tsuraan at gmail.com
Wed Jul 21 17:19:32 BST 2010

When I'm attempting to build the latest bug21673, I get this compile
error (in src/rabbit_msg_store.erl and src/rabbit_msg_store_gc.erl):

src/rabbit_msg_store.erl:146: referring to built-in type tid as a
remote type; please take out the module name

If I replace the ets:tid() with just tid() in the -spec declarations,
everything compiles nicely.  Was this one of the changes to make
rabbit work with R14?  It looks like I could probably get around this
by setting USE_SPECS to "false" in the Makefile, but it would be nice
if there were a cleaner way to fix things.

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