[rabbitmq-discuss] channel.flow_ok{active=false} and java client 1.8.1

Matthias Radestock matthias at rabbitmq.com
Wed Jul 21 11:37:54 BST 2010

Simon MacMullen wrote:
> Odd. Those are exactly the symptoms you'd expect to see if you were 
> using an old version of the Java client that doesn't support 
> channel.flow; recent versions of the server will forcibly disconnect 
> such misbehaving clients rather than risk running out of memory.
> Umm, you are sure you're using 1.8.1? No older versions lying around on 
> the classpath?

The Java client has been supporting (and responding to) channel.flow for 
ages, so I doubt this is a version problem.

Is the client perhaps really busy and thus not getting round to 
responding to the channel.flow in time?

You may want to trace the client-server interaction with the tracer 
(http://www.rabbitmq.com/examples.html#tracer) to check on the sequence 
and timing of the commands.


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