[rabbitmq-discuss] reg rabbithub how to

Michael Bridgen mikeb at rabbitmq.com
Wed Jul 21 10:13:09 BST 2010

> I compiled and installed rabbithub as a rabbitmq plugin from github.
> What do I do next? I mean how do I begin using it.

The rabbitmqctl status output you posted suggests you got it running OK, 
but for the record:  If you've successfully compiled it, you can either 
symlink in into rabbitmq-server/plugins/ or drop the rabbithub.ez in the 
same place.  RabbitMQ should then tell you the RabbitHub has started up 
during boot.

It will be running under control of RabbitMochiweb at

In general you'll need to address endpoints, e.g.,

> I am trying to use it primarily as a REST way for consuming from queues.

RabbitHub implements PubSubHubbub (a.k.a., PuSH), which isn't RESTful 
(and shouldn't be).  However, it *is* a fairly idiomatic use of HTTP.

Hope this helps; have fun!


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