[rabbitmq-discuss] Rabbitmq v. 1.8.1 - Bug report - Could not start a node as RAM node in cluster

Yong Liu yong.liu at nyapc.com
Tue Jul 20 06:55:02 BST 2010

Hello, I am a new comer to the rabbitmq world.


While trying to start a node as a RAM node in a rabbitmq cluster, I found
that it would not work as indicated on the website.


"rabbit2$ rabbitmqctl cluster rabbit at rabbit1"


The result shows rabbit2 is a DISC node, not a RAM node.

Rabbit2$ rabbitmqctl status
Status of node rabbit at rabbit3 ...
 {nodes,[{disc,[rabbit at rabbit1,rabbit at rabbit2]}]},
 {running_nodes,[rabbit at rabbit2,rabbit at rabbit1]}]


Testing environment:

OS: FreeBSD 8.1

Rabbitmq: 1.8.1


Another question would be if a node does not join a cluster, would it be
configured as a RAM node.  If so, how do I do it?


Your prompt reply is very much appreciated!




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