[rabbitmq-discuss] Design question: the ratio of queues to channels

John Goodson lfwfox at gmail.com
Mon Jul 12 21:40:49 BST 2010


I noticed in the looking over the examples that the ratio of channels to
queue is almost one-to-one. In my applications I just open one channel and
then create the queues I need using it.

Examples based code:

    MQ.new.queue('1').subscribe ...
    MQ.new.queue('2').subscribe ..
    MQ.new.queue('2').publish ...

My usage style:

   amq = MQ.new
   q1 = amq.queue('1')
   q2 = amq.queue('2')

   q1.subscribe ..
   q2.subscribe ..
   q2.publish ...

Which approach is better and why?  Are there any documents that I can
reference that give guidelines on this?

John Goodson
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