[rabbitmq-discuss] timed / delayed messages

Akhil Kodali akhil.kodali at gmail.com
Fri Jul 9 21:46:35 BST 2010


Forgive me if this is a wrong forum for this type of question.

I need to check if the order/message has been processed(not just consumed)
by a client in 2 hours.
On successfull processing the orders are updated accordingly.
I use queues specific to clients to route the orders/messages

Would it be a good idea to send a copy to a new queue where I can begin to
consume the message once they are past due i.e. 2 hrs and check their
If I use this approach I'd end up having 2 hrs worth of messages in the
It aint much now but I see it going upto 20,000 in 2 hrs quickly.

Or would it be better making a DB query to do the same. Going through all
the rows doesnt seem right.

What I wanted to check was, are queues build for such a use case or is there
a better way of doing it?

Thank you
Akhil Kodali
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