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Francisco Gonzalez-Blanch wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm a newbie in rabbitmq and i'm working on a distributed data
> processing application using rabbitmq as distributed task queue. I want
> to ask you about where can i find information about how to make
> persistent queues, and how to make that, if a producer sends messages to
> queue and no one is listen to it and then a consumer is attached , the
> consumer gets all the messages, even the ones that were produced before
> the consumer was attached. Thank you very much.

Queues are configured/created by the consumer (not by the producer) and
they must be marked as "durable". In Python we do something like

 15         conn = BrokerConnection(hostname=config['host'],
 16                                 port=config['port'],
 17                                 userid=config['username'],
 18                                 password=config['password'])
 19         consumer = Consumer(connection=conn,
 20                             queue=config['queue'],
 21                             routing_key=config['queue'],
 22                             exchange=exchange,
 23                             durable=True,
 24                             )

Other bindings likely take a similar approach/API.

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