[rabbitmq-discuss] C Client API tutorial

Ralf Edmund Stranzenbach ralf at reswi.de
Thu Jul 8 22:51:12 BST 2010


for a long time, i simply ignored RabbitMQ-C client due to the fact, that it is marked as experimental code.

But the last week i spent some time checking this AMQP implementation and found it usable - at least on the Mac-OSX development machine I use. The target environment will be the iPad / iPhone and the time i write this, I had no time to check this library in that environment.

Currently my first simple tests derived from the example code seem to work fine. So i'll declare this attempt a success.

Currently I'll try to implement a wrapper on top of the C-API that manages a connection from the iPhone to the server that (correctly) reacts on the Networking events send by the iOS. My target application requires a (more or less) stable connection to the RabbitMQ infrastructure, but this requires frequent dis- and reconnects as the networking environment for the devices changes.

The exchange of message should happen in the background - but I expect this to be a single thread handling all that AMPQ communications...

For the next steps it would be useful to have some API specification or better a tutorial on the amqp_ procedures provided by the library. Is there any easy understandable documentation on this topic?

- Ralf

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