[rabbitmq-discuss] how get list of queues / check queue exists

Andrius Norkaitis andrius.norkaitis at oryo.lt
Mon Jul 5 17:44:23 BST 2010



I have occasionally connected clients (subscribers) which bids to
non-durable, exclusive, autodelete queue with their own ID.

I'm looking how to check which of the clients is online (queues with known
ids is available) or not.


If I could get a list of available queues I could compare their names with
ID to know which subscribers is online.

Also if there would be method to check is queue available I could iterate
through my list  and check it.


Rabbitmqctl has method to get list of available queues, but I haven't found
any way doing this using client.


I have founded one solution using QueueDeclare and passive flag:


bool QueueAvailable = false;



                var m = ch.QueueDeclare(routingKey, true, false, true, true,
false, null);

                QueueAvailable = true;


            catch { }


If there is no queue available I get an exception, but also this closes the
connection so to check i.e. 500 queues I'll need to make a lot of new
connections every time.


Maybe there is more elegant solution?


Best regards

Andrius Norkaitis

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