[rabbitmq-discuss] Ruby AMQP client not 1.8.0 friendly

Jon Brisbin jon.brisbin at npcinternational.com
Thu Jul 1 14:11:01 BST 2010

Test program trying to get 4 messages in a queue.

The queue:

vcloud.deployment.events	xportal.war		[]

The test code:


require "rubygems"
require "mq"

em_thread = Thread.new { EM.run }
AMQP.start(:host => "mq2.cloud.npci.com", 
           :port => 5672, 
           :user => "cloud", 
           :pass => "vcloud", 
           :vhost => "cloud") do
  puts "Before subscribe"
  MQ.queue("xportal.war").bind("vcloud.deployment.events").subscribe(:ack => true) do |headers, body|
    md5sum = headers.properties[:correlation_id]
    artifact = body
    puts "MD5: #{md5sum}"
  puts "After subscribe"


+-( ~/scratch ):> ./mq_test.rb 
Before subscribe
After subscribe
/opt/ruby-enterprise-1.8.7-2010.02/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/amqp-0.6.7/lib/mq.rb:225:in `process_frame': PRECONDITION_FAILED - parameters for queue 'xportal.war' in vhost 'cloud' not equivalent in AMQP::Protocol::Queue::Declare on 1 (MQ::Error)
	from ./mq_test.rb:22:in `join'
	from ./mq_test.rb:22

The server log:

=INFO REPORT==== 1-Jul-2010::08:04:36 ===
accepted TCP connection on from

=INFO REPORT==== 1-Jul-2010::08:04:36 ===
starting TCP connection <0.793.0> from

=ERROR REPORT==== 1-Jul-2010::08:04:36 ===
connection <0.793.0> (running), channel 1 - error:
            "parameters for queue 'xportal.war' in vhost 'cloud' not equivalent",

=WARNING REPORT==== 1-Jul-2010::08:04:36 ===
exception on TCP connection <0.793.0> from

=INFO REPORT==== 1-Jul-2010::08:04:36 ===
closing TCP connection <0.793.0> from

Jon Brisbin
Portal Webmaster
NPC International, Inc.

On Jun 30, 2010, at 8:57 PM, Tony Garnock-Jones wrote:

> Jon Brisbin wrote:
>> Upgraded my RabbitMQ server the other day to 1.8.0. Java stuff works fine,
>> of course, because I just bumped the version number in Maven. But Ruby AMQP
>> gem (v. 0.6.7) is now complaining. Downloaded the amqp-0.9.1.json file and
>> re-generated the spec.rb file, which made errors go away, but now it looks
>> like queue subscriptions don't work.
> What kind of complaining is it doing with the stock 0.6.7 gem? What error
> messages are you seeing, and which operation is failing? Is there anything in
> the RabbitMQ server logs?
> (Note BTW also that the 1.8.0 release of RabbitMQ is an AMQP *0-8* release, not
> a 0-9-1 release.)
> Tony

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