[rabbitmq-discuss] STOMP Authentication Idea

Tony Garnock-Jones tonyg at lshift.net
Thu Apr 30 18:35:04 BST 2009

Hi Nemanja,

Interesting stuff!

Re the inets:start() automation issue: set "extra_startup_steps",
already used to start the STOMP plugin, to include a call to inets too:

 ... extra_startup_steps
       {"inets",inets,start,[]}] ...

You will probably need to use backslash-escaping to make it look like
the "STOMP-listeners" setting you already have, and make sure there's no
whitespace anywhere in there. The shell gets mighty confused about


Nemanja Stefanovic wrote:
> Hello,
> I just wanted to contribute some code I recently changes if anyone needs
> it. We have a use-case where I'm using STOMP with RabbitMQ's STOMP
> adapter and Orbited to push updates to a browser, or maybe even allow
> clients to connect to the STOMP server, not sure yet. Anyway, we need to
> ensure that only certain users get pushed certain content, hence
> authentication.
> The way I have this working is: client connects to STOMP with generic
> just-TLD cookie (so it can be passed also to STOMP server which would
> run on another subdomain) and Orbited's io.js can read the cookie and
> send it up to the STOMP adapter as a 'cookie' header. It (the JS) also
> generates a random ID for the queue-name for that connection. This is
> all assuming I have 1 queue per connection as per the broadcast-style
> suggestion for STOMP adapter.
> So now the STOMP adapter reads that cookie header and hits a page using
> http:request (via inets) with that cookie and passes in the queue name
> too. The web-app will recognize the cookie as belonging to a user and
> read the queue name. It (the web-app) will then set the appropriate
> bindings for that user. Since this is a topic exchange, the bindings
> would be for the topics updates the user will receive on her browser. If
> there is no cookie or the cookie is invalid, the web-app can take care
> of all that and just assign some default bindings for guests.
> This is all working pretty well, except that I have to start
> 'inets:start()' manually in the erl command prompt. I was wondering how
> could I get this to be done on startup when the STOMP adapter starts?
> I've attached the code and a diff (based on the tip of STOMP adapter
> from hg). Right now the URL is hardcoded but I plan to make that more
> configurable later.
> Anyway, I hope maybe it can be of some use to someone who might need
> similar functionality.
> -Nemanja
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