[rabbitmq-discuss] Performance questions

Ashley van Gerven ashley.ohq at gmail.com
Wed Apr 29 09:35:24 BST 2009


I'm fairly new to rabbitMQ - one of the tests I did was to read 1000
messages from rabbitMQ server running locally vs. reading 1000 messages from
another server (using .NET client).

Performance was approx 1000 per second connecting from the same server, vs
approx 200 p/s connecting from another server (single-node broker).

The IConnection and IModel were instantiated once and reused (I assume this
is best practice).

What would the bottlekneck be here that's limiting the reads to 200 p/s? My
guess would be the network hardware.

Are there any tricks with setting up or connecting to minimise read times?

And what sort of performance benefits can there usually be realized for
every node added to a cluster?

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