[rabbitmq-discuss] [ANN] Release v0.1.0 of Bunny a synchronous Ruby AMQP client

Chris Duncan celldee at gmail.com
Mon Apr 27 15:29:42 BST 2009

On 27 Apr 2009, at 15:17, Alexis Richardson wrote:

> Chris,
> OK - I have discussed this with Tony from the RabbitMQ engineering  
> team.
> There are two ways to proceed, both of which would require Aman's
> consent and enthusiasm.  (He is cc'd).
> 1.  We copy Aman's codegen.rb to RabbitMQ's mercurial repo, and the
> community uses that as the root file for .rb code generation.
> 2.  The codegen.rb file is refactored into two parts, one that
> generates core protocol constructs, and one that generates
> client-specific constructs (eg for EM in the case of Aman's client).
> According to Tony, something like this is done in the .py code
> generation.
> If Aman likes the idea and someone is willing to help with 2, then
> this might be a good outcome.
> What do you think?
> alexis

Thanks very much for your efforts Alexis. The second option sounds  
good to me. Hopefully Aman will take kindly to the idea. He's rapidly  
becoming the Ruby AMQP poster boy :)



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