[rabbitmq-discuss] RabbitMQ Erlang Client

Ryan Kaulakis rkaulakis at gmail.com
Thu Apr 23 20:37:17 BST 2009

Hello Everyone,
I'm sure these questions have been asked before, but I'm starting on a
project that I'd like to use the library for:
1) What is the preferred way of using the erlang client for RabbitMQ?
I've seen examples that deal directly with the amqp_channel and
amqp_connection modules directly (with records like
#'queue.declare_ok'{} and such), but there also seems to be a lib_amqp
module as well. Is one more stable that the other?
2) What header file are all of those AMQP specific records defined
(like #'queue.declare')? I'm guessing that they're auto-generated
somewhere but I'd like to take a look at what is actually out there.
3) What plans are there for supporting AMQP 1-0 when the standard is approved?

Thanks a bunch,
Ryan Kaulakis

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