[rabbitmq-discuss] RabbitMQ HTTP interface

lenz norbu09 at googlemail.com
Wed Apr 22 22:55:25 BST 2009

I want to give RabbitMQ another go (after falling short the last time with
the lack of features in STOMP). I write most of my code in perl - as domain
business is mainly perl - but migrate more and more stuff over to erlang. i
would love to have rabbit in the middle and talk to all sides.
the problem is the lack of a native amqp library in perl. some attempts but
no working lib yet. as we have JSON via HTTP in our stack anyway already
(for CouchDB) i played a bit with the HTTP interface yesterday. our stuff is
not so time critical/ high volume yet so this would be good enough i guess.
from the javascript client that comes with the rabbit-http2 repo i kind of
got an idea how things are supposed to work but i wanted to ask if there is
some sort of documentation/API description around that i could use to
implement a client from?


painless domain registration (finally)
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