[rabbitmq-discuss] channel.flow

Matthias Radestock matthias at lshift.net
Thu Apr 9 20:57:08 BST 2009


Amos Elliston wrote:
> i started testing my new ruby amqp client in production last night.  
> unfortunately, at 5 in the morning (when rabbit is most heavily  
> loaded) i started receiving channel.flow frames after sending a  
> basic.get. i don't really know what to do in this situation and the  
> documentation is a bit confusing. can someone point me in the right  
> direction? i'm using rabbit 1.5.4-1.

When a client receives a channel.flow{active = false}, it is supposed to 
stop publishing and reply with channel.flow_ok{active = false}. When it 
receives a channel.flow{active = true} it can resume publishing and 
should reply with channel.flow_ok{active = true}.

The RabbitMQ Java and .net clients automatically handle the flow_ok 
reply and block any threads that attempt to do a publish while 
active=false, resuming them when active=true.

Note that since channel.flow only affects publishes, it should have no 
effect on application code that only acts as a consumers.


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