[rabbitmq-discuss] Durable queues & bindings

Matthias Radestock matthias at lshift.net
Wed Apr 8 22:15:45 BST 2009


Levi Greenspan wrote:
> Dear list members,
> I have a question w.r.t. clustering. Durable exchanges seem to survive
> individual node crashes, but neither do queues and bindings if I am not
> mistaken.

The durable queues residing on the crashed node and their associated 
bindings do indeed disappear - but only for the duration of the outage; 
if/when the node comes back up the queues and bindings re-appear.

> 1. Is there an approximate time schedule, when to expect queue
> replication in a cluster?

Queue replication, or, more precisely, the ability of queues to stay 
alive in the presence of individual node failures, is fairly high on our 
priority list. There are a few other items we want/need to get out of 
the way first though, so I doubt we'll get round to it for another few 
months. As always, sponsors are welcome.

> 2. Assuming queues are replicated in a cluster, will I also get durable
> bindings?

As noted above, bindings are already durable. Moreover, they are already 



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