[rabbitmq-discuss] [rabbitmq-announce] RabbitMQ 1.5.4 release

Matthias Radestock matthias at lshift.net
Mon Apr 6 15:03:36 BST 2009


Alister Morton wrote:
> You need to create a key file yourselves and add the directive to the
> assemblyinfo.cs to make the assembly use it to validate and then
> build the binary - I could send you my patch but it would be invalid
> for you, although of course it validates /my/ build of he assembly.

Understood. What we need is a patch to our build scripts that automates 
the process. The key file should to be supplied in a property to 
default.build such that when targets build the client assembly (the 
"windows-deliverables" target is the top-level target we use when 
building releases) it gets given an strong name.



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