[rabbitmq-discuss] User Access Control

Michael Teo rabbitmq.com at miketeo.net
Sat Sep 27 07:55:44 BST 2008

Hi, I have just started using Stomp with RabbitMQ, and would like to
clarify if I can limit user access to queues or exchanges.

My scenario as follows:

Stomp Publisher: publish updates to /channels/#
Stomp Consumer A: subscribes and receives updates from /channels/A
Stomp Consumer B: subscribes and receives updates from /channels/B

Is there any settings/configurations which I can use to prevent Consumer
A from subscribing to /channels/B or even /channels/# ?

I have read up Administration Guide and understood that there are realms
 and permission flags like passive, active, write, read or all, but I
can't seem to relate the concepts of realms with queues in the RabbitMQ.

Hope someone in the RabbitMQ is able to help me with this.
Thanks in advance.

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