[rabbitmq-discuss] Huge latency in Linux, compared with Leopard

Anthony anthony-rabbitmq at hogan.id.au
Sat Sep 27 05:49:41 BST 2008

Different platforms having different kernels and therefore different
schedulers etc.

Redhat's plugging a product at the moment which contains some realtime
changes to the Linux kernel and a customised version of QPid all together
called Redhat MRG. Apparently you can get portions of this for CentOS 5
(RHEL 5 GPL clone)..

Without wholesale changing to another AMQP platform (this is the RabbitMQ
mailing list after all), perhaps you need to look at kernel options open to
you? Remember, that Apple control the hardware and the software, and
therefore have a lot better idea of what they have to do with respect to
tuning their kernels. Linux must deal with a greater hardware variety and
therefore "out of the box" may not be optimal for everyone.

Incidentally, are you running the install of Linux on the same machine as
Mac OS X?
Ie. Native boot, such as Bootcamp and not a virtualisation solution of some
Different hardware (various memory controllers, IO controllers, bridges
yadda yadda) will return different results.

(Disclaimer: Before using anything like bootcamp, you should have a backup
strategy in place - any kind of repartitioning of an existing datastore has
a risk associated)
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