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Andrius Norkaitis Andrius.Norkaitis at oryo.lt
Wed Sep 24 11:22:59 BST 2008

Thanks. I'll take close look at .NET Client documentation and try it.
I have looked at WCF examples already, but I still don't get how to achieve
pubsub using WCF.
I can use Duplex Services as example and create my own pubsub implementation
but in this case I would need to manage the list of subscribers with their
callback channels (and with multiple auto created queues of each subscriber
as I guess). 
How to do pubsub with WCF using RabbitMQ exchanges and routing? Maybe it can
be achieved only using plain .NET client implementation and not WCF?


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On Wed, Sep 24, 2008 at 10:25 AM, Andrius Norkaitis
<Andrius.Norkaitis at oryo.lt> wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm .NET developer and want to implement pubsub in WAN using RabbitMQ.
> Publishers would publish orders and they must be delivered to all
> Subscribers which are online and matches  some criterions (etc. city,
> type). I wonder is RabbitMQ suitable for this? Can RabbitMQ do routing for
> me or should I implement pubsub myself?

RabbitMQ can do this.  See the User Guide on the dotnet downoad page,
specifically section 3.3 for this case.

> Can this be done with WCF?

Yes - the same web page provides a WCF guide as well ;-)

> Any examples or other reference where can I start would be appreciated.

Please try the above PDFs and let us know if you get stuck!


> Thanks for help in advance.
> Best regards,
> Andrius
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