[rabbitmq-discuss] [Minimum Air Induction] Introducing Shovel: An AMQP Relay

Matthias Radestock matthias at lshift.net
Sun Sep 21 19:26:00 BST 2008


Ben Hood wrote:
> No, because the current queue delivery mechanism takes a
> robin-robin-ish approach, so the overall throughput is rate limited by
> the slowest consumer subscribed to a queue.

Not true. When messages due for delivery to a particular consumer back 
up at the TCP/IP level the broker will skip that consumer in its 
round-robin delivery.

> This should be addressed when we implement QoS, which would take a
> credit based approach that is determined by consumer acks.

What QoS gives you over the above is much finer control based on exact 
counts & sizes of AMQP deliveries/acks.


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