[rabbitmq-discuss] JMS rabbitmq spring implementation

Matt Darling mdarling at veodia.com
Tue Sep 16 18:53:30 BST 2008

I¹m aware attempts have been made to create a proper Spring mapping
implementation for RabbitMQ ­ excellent start there Joern.  In a previous
gig, I ended up hacking together a wrapper that was based on some simple
passed in properties at runtime to the rabbitmq java client and even thought
it works well, I really never liked it.  Current gig is using ActiveMQ and
I¹d like to see if a better implementation can be had using rabbitmq.

Looking back at the archives, there have been numerous proposals but it
doesn¹t appear that anything has stuck.  That said, I¹m going to attempt to
implement the AMQPTemplate approach that Alexis suggested and build that
around the JmsTemplate in Spring.  My thought is that once we have a basic
template working, it shouldn¹t be much more difficult to extend it and add
new features.  At the same time it¹ll still provide the jms interface for
those who are comfortable with it.  My hope is that building out AMQP
connectivity in Spring will be much easier and provide a decent stepping
stone for newcomers.

I¹m certainly not making any promises here, but I¹ll give it a go and see
what happens.  Ideally, I¹ll take the existing rabbitmq java client and
attempt to wrap it in Spring through the JMS interfaces.

This has probably been mentioned/noted prior, but I¹ll be referencing some
information located in the following links to make my life easier.


I don¹t know the full extent of what has been implemented across the board
here, but any insight, info, code, etc would be beneficial.


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