[rabbitmq-discuss] Access control documentation

Anthony anthony-rabbitmq at hogan.id.au
Tue Sep 16 08:43:22 BST 2008


Recently I've been tasked, from a sysadmin perspective, of managing
the deployment of some RabbitMQ servers. The devs are taking care of
our applications up.. and I need to take care of the server down..

I gotta say, kudos on ease of installation! Debian packages made it real easy..

Now the documentation in the management section talks of virtual hosts
and realms - I'm familiar with the way that Apache can do virtual
hosts, but feel the documentation for Rabbit is a bit sparse in what
exactly is regarded as a virtual host and what a realm does.

Primarily, I've been tasked with seeking out information on the
possibility of, and how if so one might restrict different parties
from either read or write of a given stream.

Would I be right in thinking that this is something perhaps covered in
an AMQP spec document and RabbitMQ just implements it? Am very happy
to be advised to RTFM if someone's willing to tell me where the manual
in question is :D

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