[rabbitmq-discuss] Starting Persister stage takes a long time

Eran Sandler eran.sandler at gmail.com
Thu Sep 11 16:42:23 BST 2008

Ben Hood wrote:

> Bear in mind that whilst erlsrv is known to work for a few people from
> the community, this is not something that we have tested nor support
> yet.
> When you say that it is stuck, for how long does it stick in the
> persister stage?
I've waiting for 10min and it still didn't come back up (the same for 
when I ran it the server manually).
The thing is, that it might be related to erlsrv and its monitoring 
since erlsrv monitors the node and knows how to kill it and bring it back.

Other than that monitoring feature and as far as I could figure out, 
erlsrv is mostly good for monitoring the real node's process and I don't 
think that it should have (or do have) anything specific with this issue.

> Also, how big is the log file?
> Again, if you send some code that reproduces your usage so that we can
> run it, stop the broker and restart so that we can reproduce your
> problem.
The code is sent is the code (see it in the "Error Code 541" thread) is 
what I used here as well.
The file size was ~180Mb.


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