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Eran Sandler eran.sandler at gmail.com
Thu Sep 11 14:32:22 BST 2008

Here are the tests.

There is the one project for producing stuff that looks like the 
messages I'm sending and a very simple consumer.

This is VERY crude (I did this very quickly) stuff and I might be wrong 
in my programming paradigm that I use with RabbitMQ so please let me 
know of everything I should change.

That's basically what I do.

Be sure to define the username, password and virtual. This sample 
assumes there is a queue named ActionsQueue and it was already created 
(creating it with the CreateQueue sample that comes with the .NET 
library and making it durable will make it exactly how I've defined it).

I don't use the automatic consumer that waits for data because I need 
some flexibility in that area, that's why I have the sleep part.

Hope that will help,


Ben Hood wrote:

> Eran,
> On Thu, Sep 11, 2008 at 1:57 PM, Eran Sandler <eran.sandler at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I don't use an exchange. I saw that its possible to use this without an
>> exchange (but perhaps I'm screwing myself with regards to clustering, I
>> haven't taken a closer look as to how to work well with clustering).
> No, that's fine. What you are doing is using what is known as the
> default exchange. This means that message is routed to a queue with
> the same name as the routing key.
>> I think BasicConsume should work just fine. I saw that it can handle the Ack
>> automatically. The reason I thought using BasicGet was to keep my options
>> open as to refuse a message for a point in time where my consuming code will
>> run on a couple of machines that might get upgraded sequentially. This might
>> lead to scenario in which I have added a new message type I want to handle
>> and I don't have the new code on all consumers.
> You can ack manually if you want to. Set the no_ack flag to true and
> then make a application specific decision of whether to ack or not in
> the onDeliver callback.
>> Regarding the sample, I will write something quick based on my original code
>> and send it so it will make your life (and mine) a lot nicer (and quicker)
> Cool, hopefully one of us will get some time to look at it.
> Ben

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