[rabbitmq-discuss] python stomp examples

Novak Joe joes.mailing.lists at gmail.com
Mon Sep 8 16:59:53 BST 2008


>>> BTW, is your goal to speak to Rabbit from Python fullstop, or do you
>>> specifically need to use STOMP?
>> I specifically need to use STOMP, and I want to integrate this with
>> Orbited ( www.orbited.org ), and an existing pylons application.
> Sure. BTW, have you read this article:
> http://orbited.org/blog/2008/09/integrating-orbited-with-web-app-frameworks/
Indeed I have - actually I was talking to one of the orbited
developers on their website (i think he was in the process of writing
that article), and he pointed me at rabbitmq - which is what has lead
me eventually to this list!

>> The stomp.py test program I'm using, which comes directly from the
>> site mentioned in my original post, is still giving the following
>> error:
>> message: Bad CONNECT
>> content-length: 36
>> Missing login or passcode header(s)
>> despite my most certainly sending the headers.  But I suspect there is
>> some descrepancy between this and the ruby examples that ship with the
>> stomp adapter source, so maybe a bit of digging around will be
>> sufficient for me to solve this!
> Maybe Jason (cc'ed) can help debug this?
Thanks again!

> Ben

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