[rabbitmq-discuss] [BUG] Erlang RabbitMQ client requires installed server code

Edwin Fine rabbitmq-discuss_efine at usa.net
Sun Sep 7 23:07:19 BST 2008


This would of great value. As indicated in my previous mail, we should
> promote the client, so this refactoring work should go into the core
> build and release process. Because of the centrality of this work, we
> may need to consider effects that it would have on the core process.
> The various parts of Rabbit have already been broken out into separate
> hg repos, which for practical purposes, need to be checked to sibling
> directories in order for the build to work (e.g. rabbitmq-server
> expects rabbitmq-codegen to be checked out into the same parent
> directory). This approach could be taken for a common Erlang module.

That's good - so it's not an alien procedure.

> The other consideration that you might make is how this patch gets
> played back to the Rabbit dev team. You could generate a simple patch
> or you could use hg as a DVCS. One consideration with the latter is
> that we use named branches for each new feature or bug. If you were
> just to clone and implement this in the default branch of your repo,
> we may need to think about how to handle the history (because hg
> doesn't rewrite it in the same way that git does).

I don't have any HG experience - it seems like there's now an explosion of
configuration management and source code control tools and I just can't keep
up :)
I will defer to your wisdom in these matters.

> But having said that I don't want to let any formalities get in the
> way of you contributing to Rabbit, so at the end of the day, I would
> do what is most convenient for you.

Maybe we can meet halfway. I didn't really want to get into rearchitecting
the RabbitMQ module structure (well, I wish I could, but I don't have time.
The mortgage payment beckons and all that incidental stuff).

> Apart from rabbit_amqqueue and rabbitmq_misc, all of those modules
> were designed to be eventually sharable, so that is fine.
> My gut feeling is that rabbit_amqqueue and rabbitmq_misc are purely
> server side concerns and if there is a dependency there, we should
> look at it and potentially factor it out.

I agree. I said something like that in one of my other emails before I
replied to this one. One could put the factored-out code into the "common"

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