[rabbitmq-discuss] producer with no consumer

Holger Hoffstätte holger at wizards.de
Tue Sep 2 20:22:46 BST 2008

Mark Geib wrote:
> I just ran another test. Restarted the broker. Then I started the 
> producer but never started a consumer and the broker process continues 
> to grow in memory usage. This seems odd, since no consumer has every 
> connected.

ISTM that this should be either a new exchange type (probably not really a
 viable solution) or one of several policies on the exchange in addition
to the queue lifecycle handled by the client. Just like automagic spooling
to/from disk when high/low watermarks are reached etc. The spec seems
silent on such customizable behaviour, I just looked and did not find
Dropping everything by default when no client queues were yet created
would probably be surprising and unexpected..


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