[rabbitmq-discuss] Gracefully shutting down rabbitmq

Aman Gupta rabbitmq at tmm1.net
Mon Sep 1 17:31:11 BST 2008

> As side issue, can you be more specific about what part of the process
> is actually taking 20 mins?

AFICT, recovering the mnesia database.

I assume from your output that the 20 min wait is for the recovery
> phase. During this phase, all of the durable exchanges and queues are
> recovered. Do you know how many of each do you have? Also, did you
> intend to have so many durable objects, bearing in mind the cost of
> maintaining them?

I have approximately 10k durable queues and 5k durable exchanges. These must
be durable; in addition I also have several other exchanges and queues that
don't need to be durable and are not marked as such.

Are there any other commands or options for triggering a shutdown of

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