[rabbitmq-discuss] Simplistic php stomp client (that works with rabbitmq's stomp gateway)

Jonatan Kallus jonatan at heysan.com
Mon Oct 6 18:26:44 BST 2008

I made a really small implementation of a php stomp client since we didn't
need most of the features of the existing client and since the existing
client didn't really work with the STOMP gateway for RabbitMQ (the existing
client had a small flaw in its implementation of the protocol). This
implementation does nothing more than 'CONNECT', 'SEND', 'DISCONNECT' and it
has only been tested with RabbitMQ's STOMP gateway. Posting it here in case
its to anyone's interest.

Source is here:

A little more info here: Simplistic STOMP Client for
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