[rabbitmq-discuss] possible bug starting rabbit with NODENAME set?

Edwin Fine rabbitmq-discuss_efine at usa.net
Sat May 17 03:40:14 BST 2008


By default the mnesia dir is based on the NODENAME. By "change" do you mean
> "rename", so you retain the existing data across the move? That wouldn't be
> a good idea - mnesia can get very confused if you its dirs between nodes.

Yes, I meant rename the directory on disk, but just within the same
filesystem. Actually, I did a cp -R so the original directory was untouched.
As it turns out, mnesia didn't seem to mind, so maybe I just got lucky this
time. Even so, this is not a production system so I don't mind too much if I
have to reinitialize RabbitMQ.

>  Firstly, rabbit_multi.erl hard-codes the node name "rabbit":
> I filed a bug for that a few days ago.

I haven't looked very hard  for this, but is there a bug tracker for
RabbitMQ that I can get to, and look for reported bugs so as not bug ;-) you
guys unnecessarily?

As I said above, the scripts and supporting code were designed for -sname,
> not -name. However, they can probably be adjusted to cope with the latter.
> We will look into that.

I want to use -name because I will have applications running on a
fully-qualified node (-name) that will be doing rpc:call()s to the rabbit
node (to access the queue management functions), and I can't do that if
Rabbit is running -sname and my stuff is running -name. I suppose I could do
it all over TCP/IP but I really don't want to at this stage. Hopefully this
clarifies my desire to use -name.

>  Just prior to this, to add insult to injury, the code blasts any
>> environment values that might have existed.
> Indeed. I filed a bug for that a few days ago too.

Darn. I really need to find that bug tracker :)

Thanks so much for your attention and responsiveness. It bodes well for
RabbitMQ as a product.

> Matthias.
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