[rabbitmq-discuss] persistence

Lars Bachmann lars.bachmann at s2002.tu-chemnitz.de
Fri May 16 14:13:55 BST 2008


Im using the erlang shell to connect to the broker. With  
"rabbit_amqqueue:stat_all()." i get a list of all queues with the  
messages of the broker. And the message count for the listed queues is  
not correct. but always when i sent a small amount of messages  
everything is ok, only with big amounts something goes wrong. Are  
there some parameters for limitation ? hm im running the broker on a  
virtual machine (openvz), maybe there are limitations, maybe i should  
set up the broker on another computer ... i dont know


> Lars,
> Lars Bachmann wrote:
>> well the consumer is not important in this case, because the error   
>> is that not all messages which the producer sends are received in   
>> each queue (persistent). The consumer just reads the messages from   
>> one queue. The error supposed to be within the producer because the  
>>  messages are not stored correctly. When Im sending 60000 messages   
>> to one exchange which routes them to 2 queues but the 2 queues dont  
>>  receive this 60000 messages, the consumer has nothing to do with it.
> How did you find out all the above when you haven't got a consumer?
> I.e. how did you determine that "not all messages which the producer
> sends are received in each queue"?
> In order to reproduce your problem I need to know what you measured /
> looked at.
> Matthias.

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