[rabbitmq-discuss] Channel crashes after basic.cancel_ok.

Edwin Fine rabbitmq-discuss_efine at usa.net
Wed May 7 23:11:58 BST 2008



> One strategy that springs to mind to turn the no_ack flag when sending the
> consume command to the broker. I will have to have a look to see what the
> behaviour of this, because I don't know off the top my head. Alternatively
> if you can detect the failure of a web site, can you actively cancel the
> subscription?

***** Actually,  I believe I have turned off the no_ack flag and am actively
sending acks when appropriate.:

    BasicConsume = #'basic.consume'{
        ticket = Ticket,
        queue = Qname,
        consumer_tag = Tag,
        no_local = false,
        no_ack = false,     % false -> keep msg in queue until consumer
sends basic.ack ********
        exclusive = true,   % We only want one consumer ever on this queue
        nowait = false      % We want to wait for a response from the server
to this message

However, I must have done something wrong because RMQ continues to send even
if I haven't acked.

As for canceling, that's exactly what I am doing, and that's what's crashing
the channel :)

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