[rabbitmq-discuss] Fwd: RabbitMQ error

Michael Arnoldus chime at mu.dk
Mon May 5 14:54:39 BST 2008


On May 5, 2008, at 15:38 , Matthias Radestock wrote:

> A brute force way of checking on the currently running processes is
> file:write_file("/tmp/processes.erl", io_lib:format("~p",  
> [[process_info(P) || P <- processes()]])).
> Warning: this may include some message content and security  
> credentials.

>> cSo is there any way to ask RabbitMQ for the amount of connections?  
>> Channels?
> Not easily. It's on our todo list.
> Connects/disconnects are recorded in rabbit.log, so with some log  
> analysis you should be able to get an idea on the current connection  
> count. Plus of course there's the 'netstat' OS command.

All I get in the log is

=WARNING REPORT==== 5-May-2008::15:17:40 ===
Attempt by client to use invalid ticket 0

=WARNING REPORT==== 5-May-2008::15:17:40 ===
Lax ticket check mode: fabricating full ticket number 0

since we're using the qpid python client, but nothing else about  
connections or channel open. Do I get the above message for each  
connection or each channel open?

>> Will rabbit create a new process for each connection? Channel?
> RabbitMQ creates about half a dozen processes per connection, and  
> four processes per channel.

Good to know! Thanks!

>> Any other suggestions on whats happening here?
> Connections, channels and queues are the only entities performing  
> dynamic process creation, except for the various places that spawn  
> short-lived helper processes.


> Are you sure that you haven't got stale queues lying around? I am  
> asking because of the mnesia errors you are seeing - connection and  
> channel creation does not result in mnesia writes, but queue  
> creation does.

Not sure - but approx 10 sec before the latest crash I had 12 queues  
which had been there for at least 30 sec - and we have no 'make a lot  
of queues very fast' function that might do something like this, so my  
primary suspicions would go somewhere else. I'll work on it though.


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