[rabbitmq-discuss] RabbitMQ odd behaviour

David.Corcoran at edftrading.com David.Corcoran at edftrading.com
Mon Jun 23 16:30:48 BST 2008


I've been seeing some odd slow downs in RabbitMQ and I think it's also
possible to see them with unmodified ProducerMain and ConsumerMain. My
producers managed to publish about 18k messages/second but my consumers
only managed to read at about 1k messages/second. To replicate this run
ProducerMain and ConsumerMain at the same time and you get a good rate of
about 17K messages/second. But if you run ProducerMain until it finishes
(it gets 18K/second) and then run ConsumerMain, ConsumerMain only gets
about 1K messages/second.

Is this normal or is there something odd going on?



java clients
RabbitMQ 1.3.0-1
Ubuntu 8.04 amd64 with 4GB RAM
Erlang 1:11.b.5dfsg-11
OpenJDK 1.6.0_06-b02 64-bit

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