[rabbitmq-discuss] Rabbit-Spring integration

David Peterson peterson at orbitec.com.au
Thu Feb 21 01:09:15 GMT 2008

Hey guys,

We're currently evaluating RabbitMQ in a Java environment as an
alternative to a conventional JMS messaging system. Ideally, I would
like to "plug-in" rabbit in a manner similar to the way that JMS is
supported by Spring 2.x (i.e. a MessageContainer and MessageListener
implementation that allows "message-driven POJOs").

My question is: are there any spring support classes for Rabbit at this
time that provide this kind of integration?

I've already started prototyping a few ideas in this regard and I'm
wondering whether they would be welcome within the Java client, perhaps
within a a com.rabbitmq.spring.* package heirarchy?

A second question: I note that Rabbit defines the various AMQP
interfaces inside the com.rabbitmq.* heirarchy. Do you know whether
there are any plans by the AMQP consortium to split this out into an
"org.amqp.*" heirarchy that could be implemented against by any Java API
(rabbit included)?

Thanks in advance for your help and guidance.


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