[rabbitmq-discuss] question on the faq

Tim Coote tim+rabbitmq.com at coote.org
Wed Dec 31 12:17:02 GMT 2008


A neophyte's question:

The  faq includes 'is rabbitmq transactional?'

The answer is 'yes' and then says that it has atomicity and durability  
guarantees. What about Isolation and consistency? (although the latter  
may be partly embedded in the apps that use rabbitmq, I think that  
consistency implies guarantees about serialisation/deserialisation).  
Is the answer buried in the semantics of a TX AMQP message type?

I'd expect good engineering practice like ACID transactions and  
failfast guidelines in Erlang/OTP programming as I think that these  
are pretty much essential for any large scale system that's intended  
to be robust.  (Unlike many commercial programs ;-)


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