[rabbitmq-discuss] "badarg ram_copies route binding" error since 1.5.0

Matthias Radestock matthias at lshift.net
Sun Dec 21 19:54:10 GMT 2008


Aymerick Jéhanne wrote:
> Now look at the attached script, that creates 100 queues an bind them to 
> a topic... it causes the issue.

I've got a fix for this, which will be in the next release.

The problem is caused by a bug in Erlang/OTP that was fixed in R12B-1. 
So it only arises when

- running RabbitMQ 1.5.0
- on Erlang/OTP older than R12B-1
- using topic exchanges
- with 100 or more bindings

Hopefully that combination is sufficiently rare that not may people are 
affected by the bug.

Thanks for reporting this issue and helping us track down the cause.


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