[rabbitmq-discuss] How many Channels do you use?

Holger Hoffstätte holger at wizards.de
Mon Dec 15 14:28:15 GMT 2008


Tony and I were just wondering how many channels people use in their
applications and would love to hear some approximate numbers. As a logical
abstraction over the connection they make a lot of sense (IMHO and
regardless of the flow control duplication), yet at the same time letting
(for example) every channel have its own new connection might have
benefits as well in certain scenarios.

Obviously the number of channels would be much higher for users of, say,
multithreaded/big-box container-like technologies or cases where a huge
number of concurrent/slow/low-traffic consumers are running at the same
time, however we'd really like to hear how you are using the client libs.

So, show of hands please? :)


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