[rabbitmq-discuss] erlang-client problem on OS X (empty_rpc_bottom_half)

Matthias Radestock matthias at lshift.net
Mon Dec 15 13:48:48 GMT 2008


Matt Stancliff wrote:
>   My attempt (attached) involved:
>     - scrape vm_stat output
>     - use total = free + active + inactive + wired
>     - use total free = free + inactive
> [...]
>   Nothing currently includes buffer/page cache statistics.  They are 
> opaque, hidden, out of reach, verboten.  The value of free memory is the 
> best we have.

Is that really the case? While there may not be any info about UBC's 
memory usage, surely any memory it does use is included in vm_stat's 
inactive page count, isn't it?


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