[rabbitmq-discuss] Polling message from RabbitMQ by servicemix.

Holger Hoffstätte holger at wizards.de
Sun Dec 14 14:22:02 GMT 2008

aznmedia wrote:
> JMS service unit deployed with exceptions. It shows following exception:

There is nothing regarding JMS or RabbitMQ in that stack trace..

> How can I write AMQP/Rabbittransport for ServiceMix? Is there any
> documentation, specification, guides or examples?

That would be a question for a ServiceMix group. You already asked a
similar question on servicemix-users and got a response from Guillaume
Nodet (in
So I recommend you look into the JBI spec and hoiw to create ServiceMix

That is all I know, I stopped following SM and JBI a long time ago.


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