[rabbitmq-discuss] [BUG] Erlang RabbitMQ client requires installed server code

Edwin Fine rabbitmq-discuss_efine at usa.net
Sun Dec 7 17:29:12 GMT 2008


BTW, I looked at the http://lettuce.squarespace.com/donate/ page and was
disappointed by the results. I can't help but feel a little bemused about
the willingness (or apparent lack thereof) of Rabbit users to give small
donations to help get useful features implemented more quickly. Some people
may support OSS by contributing bugfixes, forum support, code, and
documentation, while others may support it by making small donations. It
appears that many are content to benefit from RabbitMQ without contributing
in any way. I mean, how hard is it to Paypal $10 (about two Starbucks'
worth)? On the other hand, maybe they just don't see a benefit for disk
paging/queue overflow. Or maybe the economy is even worse than I thought.


> Ben
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