[rabbitmq-discuss] RabbitMQ ejabberd gateway

Tony Garnock-Jones tonyg at lshift.net
Fri Dec 5 16:55:14 GMT 2008

Hi Alex,

Sorry for the delay in addressing this. I hope it's still relevant.

Alex Clemesha wrote:
> 1) I can *only* use the exchange 'amq.topic' to perform the above
> example where I send messages from XMPP to AMQP and vice-versa.
> There *are* other exchanges in my AMQP network, because all
> my AMQP producers and consumers use them at the same time I'm
> trying the XMPP gateway, it just seems as though I can't make them
> XMPP buddies.

That's strange. Given a RabbitMQ/XMPP node running at 
rabbit.my.host.edu, try communicating with the JID "rabbit.my.host.edu" 
(i.e. without a node or resource part, a bare domain JID). Send it a 
message with just the word "list" in it, and it should send back a list 
of the exchanges it knows about. "list exchangename" should give you a 
list of bindings. Also, when adding a buddy to your buddy-list, if you 
become friends with "exchange at host/binding.pattern.#", the resource part 
is used in the queue.bind command. Similarly, when messages are 
delivered to you, the resource part of the from address is the 
routing-key from the message's publication.

> my question
> is this: what would the password be for the JID
> "amq.topic at rabbitmq.my.host.edu" that comes
> into existence via the RabbitMQ gateway module for ejabberd?

You can't log in as those JIDs. They're virtual, owned and controlled by 
the gateway code. Think of them as relay bots that are distant from you 
in the network. Your applications (endpoints) will have to have their 
own local JIDs, which when bound to remote exchange-JIDs will have 
proxy/relay queues created for them.


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