[rabbitmq-discuss] Is there a public RabbitMQ bug tracker?

Elliot Murphy elliot at canonical.com
Thu Dec 4 14:52:18 GMT 2008


I'm interested in RabbitMQ personally, I think the work you are doing
with it is really neat. I'm also contemplating using Rabbit
professionally, and so am looking into what it would take to get
RabbitMQ into Ubuntu (in the universe repository). It's great that you
already provide .debs!

Going through the checklist for a new Ubuntu package here:

one of the requirements is "Upstream should be responsive, and maintain
a bug tracker". I've been on this list for a while, and you are
certainly responsive! This is a very healthy community. However, I
haven't been able to find a public bug tracker. Is there one?

You would be welcome to use launchpad.net for your bug tracker, if you
need one - it looks like someone already "reserved" the rabbitmq project
name for you: https://edge.launchpad.net/rabbitmq
(Launchpad allows anyone to register a project, this is often used to
get source code imported into bazaar branches automatically for the
convenience of developers). I'm sure we could get the project area on
launchpad turned over to you right away if you wanted to use it.

I've enjoyed reading through the FAQ you started here:
http://lettuce.squarespace.com/ . Just so you are aware of it,
launchpad.net has an "Answers" feature that allows people in a community
to ask questions (in a variety of languages), and then awards karma to
people for answering the questions. You can also turn questions into
FAQs, and there is a workflow for converting a question into a bug
report. https://help.launchpad.net/Answers

I'll write more to the list as time permits me to look more at reviewing
the packaging, particularly if I find anything that needs fixing.

p.s. (don't read too much into my canonical.com email address, I'm not
speaking on behalf of canonical, just as an interested user)
Elliot Murphy | https://launchpad.net/~statik/

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