[rabbitmq-discuss] Message routing

Martin Sustrik sustrik at imatix.com
Thu Nov 29 09:52:06 GMT 2007

> You say:
>> So if you want to add services without restarting the 
>> broker, either publiching application or a separate admin application 
>> can take care of that.
> I would choose a separate admin application to add services.  Which
> brings me to my original point - wouldn't it be more convenient to add
> this functionality to the admin tool itself?

Yup. The point is that AMQP knows nothing about administration - it's a 
simple client/server wire-level protocol. However, the commands it 
provides allows you to implement the admin tool in any way you want. The 
admin tool from AMQP's point of view will be just another client 
applcation. I suppose RabbitMQ already has some kind of admin tool 


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